Tanya Buxton Torres


Environmental Scientist


Arvada, CO, USA

Professional info


Dedicated and highly skilled professional with exceptional research and project management skills. Passionate about environmental issues and focuses on bringing awareness and training to others. Highly adept at working in different cultures and acclimating easily. Proficient with designing and planning projects, data collection and synthesizing information to help with policy development and implementation. Ability to build and maintain solid relationships with project teams and make valuable contributions to the success of each venture. 

Key Skills Assessments


CURIOSITY/SELF-MOTIVATED - Excited about learning and gaining new knowledge and skills.


FLEXIBILITY/ADAPTABILITY – Works effectively and collaboratively in remote locations conducting research and instrumental in planning and developing initiatives to increase environmental awareness.


DATA COORDINATION/COLLECTION – Design and plan logistics of environmental/ecological conservation efforts, collecting data and samples and transcribing information to be used for policy and procedure implementation.





Project Design/Management

Data Collection

Database Management

Research and Analysis

Training and Implementation

Aquatic and Earth Sciences

Public Outreach/Eduction

International Collaboration




English (native)

Spanish (written and spoken)

French (basic)

2010 - present

Work experience


Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Denver, Colorado

​Biological, GIS and Research Technician (Seasonal Position) 2013 - present


Serve as a Biological, GIS and Research Technician in the Colorado State Parks Resource Stewardship Department.


  • Analyzed and utilized GIS data to assist with natural resource management decisions, planning and policy.

  • Created content, reviewed and edited resource stewardship plans and create corresponding maps in ArcGIS for the plans.

  • Oversaw the state park raptor monitoring volunteer program and associated databases as well as entering data into a GIS and producing cartographic products. Participated in field monitoring and established the program at new parks.  Developed an electronic monthly newsletter to more effectively communicate with volunteers in a fun and interesting way.

  • Used a Trimble GPS to find locations in the field and to collect data, entered data into a GIS, created metadata and associated attributes.

  • Provide project and GIS support to the Resource Stewardship Program team.

  • Created the scope of work for contractor’s projects and followed through with the procurement process.


National Park Service (NPS)/University of Colorado Denver, Lakewood, Colorado

​Ecology Intern, 2013


Worked with the NPS Air Resources Division on a synthesis of information regarding the effects of mercury on wildlife health across 400 U.S. national park units.


  • Reviewed scientific papers and existing databases to extract data on mercury concentrations in biota in national parks.  Used GIS to determine if sample sites fell inside national park boundaries.

  • Created an extensive database of these values which are being used to compare the levels to known toxicology endpoints and to assist in the development of mercury concern thresholds.

  • Updated NPS websites using Dreamweaver.

International Game Fish Association (IGFA), Dania Beach, Florida

​Executive Administrative Assistant/International Committee Coordinator, 2009 - 2012


Worked dual roles as the International Committee Coordinator with responsibility for supporting approximately 300 people in 94 countries and territories, as well as the Executive Assistant position, supporting the President of IGFA.


  • Provided research information and documentation to representatives to support conservation initiatives in specific regions and countries and also maintained the representative database.

  • Developed conservation related materials and worked with the President and Conservation Director on fisheries conservation initiatives and prepared documents for fisheries management meetings; conducted topic research, reviewed documents and assisted with policy development and implementation.

  • Facilitated communication with IGFA representatives and trustees and managed other forms of communication including the production of a quarterly newsletter for the representatives.

  • Created informational materials for various projects and initiatives, including content development for the website, presentations and technical documents as well as writing articles for a bi-monthly publication.

  • Assisted with management of the schedule and calendar for the President; coordinated travel arrangements and traveled internationally to attend and support meetings.

  • Handled the preparation of meetings and meeting documents as well as the preparation of meeting minutes.



Ocotal Beach Resort, Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

​Environmental Consultant, 2005-2008


Acted as project manager to lead a four-star resort through the process of making appropriate changes to earn the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism (CST) from the Institute of Costa Rican Tourism (ICT).


  • Spearheaded meetings on sustainability and worked with department managers on sustainable hotel upgrades.

  • Facilitated the implementation of compliance procedures and maintained documents to ensure adherence with ICT standards.

  • Developed employee training programs and increased the resort’s involvement with the local community.

  • Established and encouraged the relationships between local and national businesses and the resort to help with project objectives and the sponsorship of events.

  • Created and established environmental programs for the dive shop, earning them the Project AWARE Environmental Achievement Award.

  • Provided services as a Scuba Diving Instructor and guided trips/tours to local dive sites.

Additional Research, Conservation and Community Projects, Costa Rica

​Project Manager/Dive Officer/Research Assistant, 2004-2009


Planned and executed numerous projects and worked with various researchers and organizations in Costa Rica, acting in the capacity of Project Manager, Dive Officer, and Research Assistant.


  • Acted as a Research Assistant and Dive Safety Officer for Dr. Carlos Jimenez with the Marine Science and Limnology Research Center at the University of Costa Rica on the following projects:

-Local long term coral reef monitoring and facilitation data collection and samples for projects involving harmful algae blooms, coral mortality and trophic level changes.

-Two extended expeditions to the remote locations of Cocos Island and Islas Murcialagos. Planned research diving logistics and participated in reef transects, coral drilling, and reef fish census data collection.


  • Aided the Costa Rican Marine Conservation organization Pretoma with various projects, including:

-Designed and planned scuba diving logistics for the Southern Nicoya Peninsula expedition to explore sea turtle habitat, capture sea turtles and sharks and to place acoustic and satellite transmitters.

-Established a program to collect data on elasmobranches and whale shark sightings.


  • Lived and worked on an extreme remote sea turtle nesting beach to collect scientific data, tagged females that came ashore to lay their eggs and maintained the hatchery.

  • Organized seminars and events such as large community beach clean-ups and programs with the local schools, and created materials to increase awareness of environmental issues within the community.

  • Spearheaded a first time ever initiative to offer spay and neuter clinics at minimal cost to the public. This initiative has since developed into a non-profit organization which now runs monthly clinics.

  • Planned and developed the Gulf of Papagayo Local Dive Site Mooring Project.  Submitted a proposal and received a grant from the Project AWARE foundation to organize local dive shops to assist in building, placing and maintaining moorings at the local dive sites in the Gulf of Papagayo, Costa Rica.



Master of Science, Environmental Sciences

Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Sciences (GISci) 

​University of Colorado Denver


Graduate Certificate in Coastal Studies/Marine Biology

​Nova Southeastern University,

Dania Beach, Florida


Bachelor of Science, double major, Environmental, Population and Organismic Biology; and Psychology

University of Colorado Boulder

International Travel



Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Switzerland, and Turkey



Barbados, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Tortola, San Andres Islands (Columbia) and  St. Croix


Central and South America

 Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru


Asia and Indo-Pacific

Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia (Sulawesi & Bali), Malaysia,

Palau, and Singapore


2010 - present